JDRF One Walk




Recently Brandon Morrow, the only starting pitcher in MLB with T1D, met with JDRF kids with T1D. He shared his story and talked about how he meets the challenges of managing blood sugar levels while pitching at the major league level. Gathered on the field during batting practice, Brandon answered   questions and inspired kids with T1D to always strive to reach their potential and not let T1D deter them from their dreams. The event was so impactful that we are doing it again.

For every $50 raised by a Walk Team walking in honor of a T1D kid, an entry will be made in their name in the Meet Brandon Morrow Drawing. This special promotion will start 7/25 and run through 8/15.  So if a team raises $1,000 during that three week period, the child with T1D will have 20 entries in the drawing. The more money raised for T1D research, the greater the chance of a special Padre experience with Brandon Morrow.

Winners will receive two tickets to the August 23rd game and be part of the JDRF group that will meet  Brandon on the field prior to the game.

The JDRF One Walk will be held on Saturday November 7th at Balboa Park. To register, please visit : walk.jdrf.org/sandiego